Birchbox Review

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So…I’ve decided to do a little review of this months’ Birchbox. ILOVEBIRCHBOX. It’s a beauty subscription service where you pay £10/ month and get a box of random beauty samples each month. Some months are obviously better than others, but it never fails to feel like a TOTAL treat, they usually come in a beautifully designed box and I always forget about it so it’s a lovely surprise.

Anyway… moving on… here’s a little glimpse into this month’s delightful contents.

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First up, is a LOLA-Barcelona nail varnish in the shade Gracia. Now, lets be honest, nail varnish must be pretty easy to nail (PUN INTENDED BBZ) so they don’t get any prizes for making a nice shade, BUT it’s a strong and vibrant colour and two coats provides solid coverage. For me, really the mark of a good nail varnish is how long it lasts well. My fingernails are virtually chip free 5 days on and my toe nails are perfect AND I do all my own washing up, so that’s quite the feat (feet, lol). ALSO, I didn’t use the suggested top coat (seriously, who has the time?) and so just IMAGINE the results one could get if one wasn’t so lazy.

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So next up from Birchbox is Percy & Reed’s Volumising No Oil Oil – claiming to make your locks ‘smooth, sleek and shiny whilst adding volume’.  I have to admit, I have never been so on the fence undecided about a product in my LIFE.  On the one hand, it smells LOVELY (like randomly picking up the bottle to sniff it in moments of boredom levels of good) and it most definitely adds VOLUME.  On the other hand, it makes your hair feel a bit…. weird. It almost feels as though it adds volume by making your hair a bit… frizzy? Or thicker? Or wiry-er. It’s just a bit… odd. So in conclusion, it looks good, but feels bad.

Moving on to the one I was MOST excited about: Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.  I feel like I’ve been waiting to sample this my whole goddamn life (real time: 3 years). It’s one of those products which is recommended left, right and centre but the price tag has always put me off.  One full week of using it and I am KIND OF impressed. My skin feels a bit brighter, but after every use it’s a liiiittle blotchy. Not upsettingly so, and I imagine it’s the ‘polish’ aspect working it’s magic but I find it a tad off-putting, and I’m not sure I will go all out and buy this, which my wallet is pretty happy about, TBH.

Laura Mercier Primer – Ok. So I’ve had my eyes on primer for YEARS. It fascinates me. It makes me think of painting walls, it’s baffles me, it intrigues me, why is it so important, what is it for, is it a con? I MUST HAVE IT. Obviously,  it’s way too expensive to justify actually buying so this is one of my fave samples to date.

You use underneath foundation and it goes on like an absolute dream. Does it work? I think it’s made my skin a little bit less shiny sweaty and it’s made my base last a little longer (particularly my blush) but I’m not yet 100% sold.  I’ll use up the full sample tube (that’s what she said) and get back to you…

Next up, we have Pommade Divine Nature’s Remedy Balm – the cure for a variation of dry skin ailments. I’m drawn to stuff like this like a moth to a flame. I have weird skin that frequently gets strange dry patches and weirdness. During sample time, I haven’t actually had any specific use for it, so I’ve been using it on my elbows, which tend to get very dry, which tend to get very dry and my lips as who doesn’t love a lip balm. And I LOVE IT. The price tag of a full tub is pretty hefty, but I shall enjoy every last DROPLET of my sample thank you very much.

.. And that’s all folks 🙂 

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