The Week That Was: Highs & Lows

Bonjour! So, I’m getting DANGEROUSLY addicted to my blog.  These last few months where I’ve been working more on it and planning out the next year I’ve been so, very happy.  Consequently, I’ve decided this means: I SHOULD BLOG EVEN MORE. Mwahaha. 

I’ve decided to do a semi regular (read: I’d like it to be weekly but it will probably be ‘when I have time’) piece of my Highs and Lows. These will include what I’m loving and what’s leaving me feeling cold and miserable and sad.  This could range from beauty products, books, TV, music, celebs, to clothes, shoes, politics, or even EMOJIS (lol, not emojis). Anyhow, basically anything I feel #emotions about, I will write about.  I don’t mean for that to sound as threatening as it does… 

So: this week! 

The Lows – Gilmore Girls Revival



I never saw GG as a kid, so I binge watched it when it got added to Netflix with EMBARRASSING speed, and when I heard about the reunion I was delighted in a ‘give me more Lorelai and ideally more Jess immediately please’ kind of way. 

I watched the whole of A Year in the Life straight last weekend (give me a medal) and without wanting to go into a full blown review, I’ve never felt such overwhelming “meh”. And I had so many questions – mainly:

  • Why is Rory #Morals Gilmore so casual about an HAVING AN AFFAIR with engaged-to-another-woman Logan.  It doesn’t really make any sense why they’re not just together if they’re still sleeping together so many years later?! The lack of any kind of emotion or guilt about this seems bizarre to me and Lorelai seems equally casual about it, which is the most un-Lorelai thing ever.
  • Speaking of Loralai, the concept that one of the most outspoken, communicative women JUST HADN’T BOTHERED TO CHAT TO LUKE ABOUT HAVING MORE KIDS is absurd. Are we supposed to believe that she just lost her mind because she was eating too much processed food and not getting enough omegas? 
  • Why is there essentially a Full Musical about literally nothing half way through? It’s So. Boring.
  • Why are we expected to find that random boy who buys hotels and bars funny, it’s gross and wack.

It’s saved by a pretty good gag about Rory forgetting she has a boyf the whole time (although it’s mega harsh), divine performances for divine characters of Emily Gilmore and Paris Gellar (god I love Paris), Jess looking cute  (I love Jess) and Dean ‘aged incredibly well, what is his regime?’ Wetpants.  Even so, I feel like even Lorelai and Rory would be pissed off with it… if they weren’t in it. Wait, does that make sense? It makes sense in my mind.

Of course though, I still cried more than once and will definitely watch any more they make, so… The End.

The Highs (always end on a high): Neal’s Yard & Deliciously Ella’s Rose, Lime and Cucumber Facial Wash 

I bought this on rec from a Twitter friend, and I AM OBSESSED. 

It’s £16. Which, considering my last cleanser was from Superdrug and cost £2.88 (seriously though it’s actually a very good bargain cleanser if you’re after one) felt obscene, but I’d buy it again. I’ve never had a product make me feel more RADIANT. The first few times I used it, I didn’t even like it – I thought it was harsh on my skin – but no. NO!!! My skin has adjusted and I’m in L.O.V.E. Love…. It’s a beautiful thing.

Although, I feel I should mention here that I googled this product to find the price, and the reviews were all REALLY BAD. Oh well. I like to be different…. 

You can buy it here, if taking a wild gamble is your thing.


That’s all, BYE! See you next week (maybe!) x

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