Susie Gets Nosy: Love at First Tweet Part 4 – JoJo & Tom

I’m back! Oh my God, it’s nearly Christmas (just in case you hadn’t noticed) and definitely time to share more love stories – with extra mistletoe and snogs. 

If you haven’t been paying attention (WHY NOT?), then I am on a quest to share the love after The Shittest Year Ever™  – and as such have asked couples who have met in unusual places to tell me their love story. I started with Twitter, because I LOVE TWITTER, and because people are ace, some great couples agreed to take part! 

I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting this next couple a few times, and I remembered when I was editing this piece that one of those times was at the very beginning of their dalliance. I spotted them having a cheeky snog at a party and they were the talk of the evening (in the nicest way obviously, everyone was very excited) – and it’s beautiful to see how their relationship has blossomed. And so, without further ado I give you JoJo – @poor_jo_jo and Tom – @TomBradley11  


So, who made the first tweet move?

JoJo – Tom – he tweeted me to say he’d seen my paintings on Instagram and that he was really impressed, but we had followed each other for at least a few weeks before that I think! I’m pretty sure I followed him first. I also was the first to slide into his DMs, but only to find out where to go when he invited me to a party!

Tom – …that would be me. We’d followed us each other for awhile on Twitter; there’s a big old group of us on there that all talk rubbish with each other and are now great friends IRL. Through her Twitter, I’d seen Jo’s Instagram…which had some INCREDIBLE artwork on it. Thought it would be best to tell her it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen.

What were your thoughts on each other – did you fancy their online personas?

JoJo – I thought he seemed cool and clever and we got on really well, but really I was just thinking about making lots of friends at that point. I definitely thought he was older (sorry Tom!) but only because he acted and spoke in a way that seemed more mature than a 23/24 year old.

Tom – Well…I guess it wasn’t just the artwork that made me want to chat to Jo(!) – she is, of course, very pretty – and came across as very dry and amusing, which made me want to get to know her a little better.

What circumstances did you first meet in real life?

JoJo – A party! Tom and pals had a arranged a bit of a tweet-up at a pub in January, and my plans for the weekend had been cancelled last minute. I’d seen their conversations about it going on for weeks, and I wasn’t being stupid when I tweeted about how my chance to break dry January has been scuppered by my friends cancelling – I was hoping someone would invite me, and Tom got straight in there!

Tom – I’d seen that Jo’s mates had cancelled on her for the evening – so I decided to seize the opportunity and get her along to meet us all IRL!

Did you feel paranoid about your tweets after that first interaction? 

JoJo – I don’t think so because we were friends for a few months before getting together, but after we got together I was definitely more aware of what I was saying on there.

Tom – Not at all! I’d really gotten into making friends on social media by this point, so didn’t feel paranoid at all – just excited to have made another mate.

Was it an instant attraction IRL or a slow burner?

JoJo – For me it was a slow burner, which is why we were friends for a while first. I think I instantly wrote him off as too young anyway (5 years my junior), so it took a bit of time to come around to the idea. But he invited me to the theatre in late January because his mum had cancelled (sounds like a play but true story!) and we had the BEST time – we got on like a house on fire and stayed at the pub chatting until about 1am about red wine, and then what middle class twats we were. It was about a couple of weeks after that that I realised I had *feels* because I remember being really excited that he was going to join me and a friend at a random party. We’d become really close by then and I’d sort of suspected he liked me too ;).

Tom – As soon as she walked into the bar, I could see that she was exactly the same as she was online – very beautiful (if a little shorter than I’d thought! Sorry Jo…be taller), very gregarious and very open to having conversations with everyone there. I was just happy to have another party animal involved to begin with, but the more we then saw each other, the more attracted I became to her.

Do you ever get jealous now if you see your partner tweeting other boys / girls (delete as appropriate!)

JoJo – Hmmm SOMETIMES, but only in a healthy way, if that makes sense. Sometimes it’s a good reminder that your bae is cool and charming and desirable and other people see that, and a little harmless chat or flirting isn’t a problem.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m irrationally furious if the person I’m with doesn’t get SLIGHTLY jealous.  Wait, is that healthy?!

Tom – I went through a bit of a period of feeling like that, but we definitely don’t tend to tweet as much as either of us used to. And I guess attraction is natural to someone who looks like Jo. I certainly couldn’t help myself.

Is there any competitiveness between you guys in terms of the #numbers?

JoJo – Ha, no I wouldn’t say so. Neither of us tweet anywhere near as much as we used to! Tom has more followers than me but I’m not in any way bothered by that.

Tom – I think we used to have a bit of a competition going on, but the #numbers have slacked off quite a bit for both of us now, and we’re just happy being competitive in real life nowadays. Scrabble and that, like.



Have you ever asked your partner to RT one of your tweets if you feel like it’s killer content that’s just not getting the love?!

JoJo – TOTALLY. What’s the point of finding love on twitter if you can’t exploit their knowledge of the platform?!

Tom – Absolutely – I’m definitely more guilty of this than Jo, and I only get the RT if she thinks it’s worth it. A cruel mistress, this one.

Has your partner ever posted something about you (pics or content!) that you weren’t happy about?!

JoJo – Nope.

Tom – Well…it’s not often you get to show the world that your boyfriend bought a child’s backpack that he subsequently couldn’t remove from his back – though I probably should have been unhappy about it all, it’s largely too funny for me to argue against!

Cannot believe I missed this. 

Do you ever get annoyed if your partner is ON TWITTER when you’re hanging out together?

Tom – I used to be guilty of this…I just like the attention, okay?

That is okay. Attention is great.

JoJo – Yeah, Tom definitely used to get annoyed with me! But to be fair, as we don’t use it as much now it’s not really a problem.

What’s your favourite quality in your partner?

Tom – Aside from her positive mental attitude towards everything, her unbelievable hard working nature (running her own company as well as having a full time job and going to the gym Every. Single. Morning.), her sense of humour, her great legs, her generosity, her ability to make me smile at any point in the day and no matter how bad a mood I’m in after work? Nope, can’t really think of anything. (It’s really hard to choose a favourite but I guess her bum is also up there)

JoJo – He has a lovely smile and eyes and a GREAT pair of legs, just to mention a few things. But obviously the inside counts the most, and his intelligence and generosity are two of my favourite things about him. Sorry that wasn’t really one thing…!

It’s okay! You both went for it…. and I LOVED it. 

So, what’s the status of your relationship right now?

JoJo – Nearly 3 years down the line, living together, very happy and settled but always doing dates. Tom is literally amazing at arranging gigs and shows and other totally random things for us to do so we don’t fall into the Netflix-and-chill-trap.

TRAP?! My kingdom for a netflix and chill trap TBH.  

Tom – Well…we’ve now been together for just under three years – and have been living together for just under two! So, I’d say the status relationship is….good? No – GREAT.

So finally… if you could give me one piece of advice on how to meet a new love via Twitter, what would it be?!

JoJo – Be open-minded about what you think your ‘type’ is, and be bold and get into conversations as much as possible. There’s no pressure with twitter so you can just make friends if no romance happened, so it’s a win-win!

Tom – I guess the one piece of advice would be to be yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there tweeting, and some of them tend to put on a personality that isn’t them. But if you’re you, and you’re lucky enough to meet a someone that could be YOUR someone, then you’ll meet in real life and it’ll be so easy for you to get along with those people and for them to immediately know the real you. Don’t try too hard – if someone doesn’t like the you that’s there, they don’t deserve the you they’ll meet.

Guys, I’ve gotta be honest, you are Real Frickin’ Cute. Thanks so much for taking part ❤


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