Susie Gets Nosy: Love at First Tweet – Part 6 – Mia & Matt!

Get out your mistletoe out my dears, it’s time for a new instalment of Love at First Tweet!

For new readers, you should know that I am on a quest to share the love after The Shittest Year Ever™.  As such, I have asked couples who have met in unusual places to tell me their love story. I started with Twitter, because I LOVE TWITTER, and because people are ace, some great couples agreed to take part! Who knows why I am spending my free time doing this. WHO KNOWS?  It seemed like a fun thing to do, and quite frankly, I bloody love a Love Story. Warms my cockles up an absolute treat. 

This one has a twist (oooooo!). My lovely Mia and her boyfriend Matt have FILMED THEIR ANSWERS AS A VLOG. They are in the year 2016 and they’re not afraid of it. 

Here is their video in all its glory. Including below some pics for you to thoroughly stalk them. You know you want to. I’d like to draw your attention to the Twitter screengrab – there’s some quibbling about who made the first move, and Mia would like this submitted as evidence. Quite right too. 

Enjoy my darlings ❤ 

You can follow Matt here: @FoxSaidWhat

And Mia here for personal:@PastelPouts

And her for her Mummy Blog Vibes: @CigaretteCalpol

May I recommend all of the above! x


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