Susie Does 2016 – The Highlights Reel

Hello! Welcome to the highlights of the things and people and food and drink and stuff that I have learnt, ate, drunk, tried and did in 2016. Susie Does 2016, basically. 

  1. After a decade long commitment to face wipes and occasional face masks, I finally started a cleansing, toning, moisturising regime and guys: IT ACTUALLY WORKS. No one could be more surprised than I at this, I sincerely thought it was all a consumerism racket similar to Valentine’s Day. And yet now I find myself stroking my incredibly soft face and marvelling at it during awkward times in the day (usually during meetings) and beaming with happiness. 
  2. The best TV show of 2016 was The Night Of. Watch it. NOW. Wait, read this blog first pls. 
  3. The best of the frankly overwhelming number of Colgate toothpastes is the Advanced Whitening one. It really does take the edge of my yellow teeth. Gross but true. 
  4. Giving up wheat gave me my life back (really and truly, this is not an exaggeration) but it’s eye opening how many people REALLY hate it when you give up wheat. Mostly it’s people who are affected by your choice in literally no way at all. 
  5. Every now and again treating yourself to a good blow-dry is totally worth the money. (That’s what she said)
  6. Green juices are nice if you add pineapple. 
  7. PG Tips have started making herbal teas and they’re OUTSTANDINGscreen-shot-2016-12-18-at-17-15-16
  8. The best new celeb couple is Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski, my GOD. Just google them. OR Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. It’s a very tough, important, call. 
  9. The best original celeb couple is, of course, Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard
  10. Marks and Spencer prawn cocktail crisps are too good to be actually true BUT THEY ARE TRUE
  12. After giving up coffee for FIVE DUMBASS YEARS I started drinking it again and it’s just the best. Note to self: DRINK COFFEE. NEVER STOP. Pret filter coffee is £1 and The One. 
  13. Staying silent when someone is being a twat to you has surprisingly amazing results. Turns out it’s usually way more powerful than getting twatty back.
  14. “Twatty” doesn’t really work as a word. 
  15. Life is better in comfortable shoes, warm coats when it’s cold and pants instead of thongs. Growing old and losing vanity has its benefits.
  16. I finally gave in to Spotify and everyone was correct I do love it. The discover section is life and makes me feel young and cool, of which I am neither in reality.  
  17. Most food tastes great when roasted in the oven with loads of olive oil and lemon juice and all of the spices. 
  18. The best lighthearted TV show is Jane The Virgin. Watch it and then send me a voice note saying “RoHiiiiillliiioooooo” please I will love it. screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-18-36-29
  19. Just because someone else is a total twunt, you don’t have to be. It’s not a competition. Someone else’s shitty behaviour doesn’t justify your own. Be the change, etc. 
  20. BIOFREEZE is magical. If you suffer chronic pain associated with muscle pain or fatigue, it is revolutionary. 
  22. Buying a flat has the opposite effect (well it did on me). 
  23. The highest concentration of awesome, awesome people is on Twitter. You know how dicks always congregate in shitty Yates style pubs? Twitter is like the exact opposite and it’s great (sorry Yates Fans!)
  24. Sunshine and tea cure a lot of things
  25. I watch too much tv
  26. The best celebrity exes are Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. They’re the best. Follow her on insta now. And Kate being such great pals with Sarah Silverman, Michaels new gf is honestly heartwarming and delightful. 
  27. In fact Kate Beckinsale in general has been quite the revelation this year. I used to just think of her as wearing her heels on a BEACH on her honeymoon and had cruelly and STUPIDLY written her off. But, guys, she has a fancy dress costume of a HORSE which she takes with her on press tours just to CHEER HERSELF UP cos it’s funny. I can barely cope with how great this is. 
  28. I realise I sound like a quote card but honestly, every time I have had a bad day this year, I’ve vowed to make someone elses’ day better so I text a friend how much they mean to me or give to charity or help someone in some small way. I feel like it’s a life CHEAT because you’re doing something FOR someone else (so it makes them feel nice) but honestly it makes you feel like MOTHER THERESA which is almost better. 
  29. Avatar has not stood the test of time
  30. All of the people who voted Brexit, and then had to change their pounds to other currency the next week at the airport at an appalling exchange rate. Sorry, but LOLLL.
  31. Once an estate agent has your number, they will never ever ever ever ever stop calling you
  32. They also think you’re lying when you tell them your maximum budget
  33. Old friends and new friends and all the people in between are magical and important and do not take them for granted.
  34. I love an instagram story. I will instagram story until death do us part.
  35. 2016 was the year I got my mojo back. I don’t like the word mojo but it’s gosh darn true. 2015 was insanely dark for me relationship wise and whilst I will probably never recover my confidence (RIP confidence), I am mostly 82% happy and I will treasure that feeling as close to my heart as I can get and never, ever let it go again. 
  36. Lastly? I FINALLY plucked up the courage to ask my friends’ girlfriend, with the most glowing complexion I’ve ever seen, what her skin routine was. She uses Simple face wipes and never anything else. Sometimes she even forgets to use these. There’s a lesson in this, I’d just rather not think about it. 

That’s me done. Overall a 7/10 year for me.

Of course, in terms of Actual Real Life, 2016 has been pretty scary and harrowing. With Brexit, Trump, the situation in Syria and lots of political situations spiralling out of control, there is a lot of darkness.  As we all reflect on the past year and look forward, if anyone has the means to, I have linked below some great charities to consider supporting over the festive season (or indeed, whenever you can spare). 

Give & Make Up – A charity supporting Refuge, Women’s Aid and the Warrior Women Project – started to help women who are victims of domestic violence and now reaching out to support female refugees who have literally nothing. They are currently running a shoebox incentive for Christmas – they want shoeboxes full of make up / toiletries, shampoo etc. You can find details here:

Crack + Cider – This charity where you can buy things to directly give to homeless people – from warm clothes, backpacks to gift cards. A great way to give back to homeless people on the streets of London.

May I all encourage you all to also google your local children’s hospice and see if you can send them Christmas pressies. Adding one more pressie to your list for a local cause is usually pretty easy to do 🙂

For those wanting to help in the Aleppo Crisis:

British Red Cross – these guys are helping to deliver essential food and medicine to people in desperate need.

Doctors Without Borders – They support eight hospitals in the city of Aleppo and run six medical facilities across northern Syria and supports more than 150 health centres and hospitals across the country, many of them in besieged areas. You can donate here –

If anyone has any other charities, please do link in the comments section.  PEACE ❤

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