The Love Series: Part 1 – A Proposal

Blog fans! I have had a whole 10 days off blogging to recharge my batteries and now I am SO BACK!  January was the month of motivation – I spoke to many a wonderful human about how they seized the day and turned their hobbies into their careers. It created a wonderful sense of motivation and/or extreme jealousy! You can check it all out on my blog if you fancy catching up.

What with February being host to St Valentine and his glorious day of love, (or a Consumerist Nightmare depending on how bitter you’re feeling), I wanted to do a month of love and relationships. I’ll be delving deep on lots of subjects, including dating with a disability, proposing, betrayal, happy singles, more twitter romances and even a Tinder Marriage (it’s ACTUALLY POSSIBLE, HUNS!). Also, let’s be honest, the world is a SHIT SHOW right now, so I intend to sprinkle stories of hope, inclusivity and love as far and wide as possible 🙂

To kick it off, I speak to one of my all time best friends Heather. Heather proposed to her girlfriend Chloe last year – and they’re getting married this Spring. I AM BUZZING for it. As I’m still a veeeerrrrryyyyy long way away from any kind of proposal type thing, I wanted to get all nosy with her on what the heck it’s actually like … so I did! Welcome, Heather ❤


Firstly, what’s your marital status – engaged or fully married?!

I am engaged.

Eeeeee!!!!! So how long had you been together?

We have been together for about 4 years.

When did you realise you wanted to pop the question?

I think I realised I wanted to ask Chloe to marry me after about a year. It wasn’t something that I had really thought I would ever do, but I guess when you meet someone who is right, you have to make it as hard as possible for them to run away.

Haha! Lock ’em in. So was the proposal itself planned or a spur of the moment thing?

Yeah it had been planned for about a year. I had her engagement ring hiding in my wardrobe for at least 6 months and it felt like it kept screaming out “LOOK IN HERE” every time Chloe went near it.

Haha oh my gosh! How did you actually do it – and spare me NO DETAILS please!

I took Chloe away to Oslo for a few days and we stayed in cabin on the Fjord which had its own private jetty. We were only staying for 3 nights and so I made a note of the time of sunset on the first night and planned the next day to make sure that we would be out on the jetty around the same time. By fluke and chance, Chloe decided that it would be a nice thing for us to paint the sunset (at this point I laughed to myself about how ridiculously perfect it all was, I mean WHO PAINTS SUNSETS????! (apart from artists etc.)) and so as the sun got closer to the horizon, I pretended that I wanted something from inside the cabin, came back out, got on one knee and asked Chloe to marry me. She then cried for about 3 days. But said yes so it was all good

Were you nervous?

Well yeah, the last hour or so was pretty close to panic attack level, and the one person who is usually there to calm me down was the one person who was not allowed to know why my heart was pounding out of my chest. But at the same time I knew that she would say yes. There was never doubt about that. I just didn’t really have a plan about what to actually say as you can’t just walk up to someone and just say “will you marry me” so I was freaking out more about the few sentences before the big Q. (I think i ended up saying something very cheesy but blates romantic)

I don’t doubt it my friend! Who were the first people you told afterwards?!

I think Chloe called her dad as I whatsapped my siblings and my best friends. Then I called my mum but they had all known I was going to do it for ages anyway so I was just telling them that she had said yes.

Did you ever think that Chloe might propose to you, and was it important to you that you popped the question first?

Chloe and I had spoken about what would happen if one person had planned it and then the other beat them to it, so we had a deal that if I wanted to propose I had to do it in 2015 and if she did she got 2016. Since then she has admitted that she would have done it at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Awww 🙂 And finally, would you recommend proposing to a friend?!

I would only recommend it to someone who is in Love. I mean, things like this are intensely important and special and I knew Chloe was my forever, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

That’s good advice!! Ahh thank you so much for telling your beautiful story and for sharing a little love ❤

Thanks for reading guys! To see more of me, follow me on Twitter @susieblues or on Instagram @susiebluesyy 

2 thoughts on “The Love Series: Part 1 – A Proposal

  1. Aw, man – that proposal story. And what a beautiful couple.

    Although you totally CAN just walk up to someone and ask them to marry you, I’m pretty sure that’s how I got engaged. Mine was a MySpace marriage rather than a Tinder one though. Proper old-school.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

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