The Love Series – Part 4: Love at First Tweet

HIYA! Good news – I’m back with the latest in my Love Series with a charming little love story – hurray!  For new readers: I have launched a Love Series on my blog for the month of February  – in part to celebrate our pal St Valentine, and in part to spread love and happiness to combat ALL THE DOOM AND GLOOM IN THE WORLD. 

This time, I revisit a theme I have covered blog before – finding love on Twitter. I bloody love a Twitter romance and am currently cultivating have approx 7 crushes (they DO NOT EVEN KNOW I EXIST, hun – but that’s a story for another day) – I just love that people are falling in love with tiny little avatars, and 140 character jokes ALL OVER THE INTERNET. 

This time, I speak to the very charming Katie (@thecheshireset ) and her husband Andrew (@Amdramband).  They met on Twitter in 2010 and got married in April 2014 and they’re here to tell me allllll the details and give the rest of us some warm fuzzy feels.


Welcome guys! Diving right in – who made the first tweet move?

Katie: Andrew did, he sent this:


Ha! I love it when evidence is enclosed… So, what were your thoughts on each other – did you fancy each other’s online personas?

Andrew: I thought she was funny and her blog was really interesting.

Katie: I spotted he was the lead singer of a band, ding ding ding jackpot! (It was a shallow, simple existence in 2010).

It’s a shallow and simple existence for me now, my friend. Ain’t nothing wrong with that… 

What circumstances did you first meet in real life?

Andrew: I invited her to a gig I was playing. Although it was odd adding her on to a guest list as I didn’t actually know her proper name or what she looked like.

Katie: I went to see his band play live, he put me on the guest list. There were about 6 people there. He was so young looking and shy, I think we spoke about 6 words to each other. It was only when I arrived at the gig with my mate I realised that neither of us had a profile picture of ourselves. His was his whole band and mine was just my hair with a massive flower in it, not hugely conducive to meeting in real life. My mum made some jokes about wearing a red carnation, yes very funny mother 🙄

We stayed in touch though and met up again later in the month for my birthday. He joined me and a big group of mates at a club and let’s just say it was a more successful meet-up.

Ahoyyy! That sounds fun! How about afterwards – did you feel paranoid about your tweets after that first interaction? Was it like an online version of your date following you round all day?

Andrew: I think meeting me negated any sense of cool she may have thought I’d had in the first place, so I didn’t really worry about it… much.

Katie: Yes! I was suddenly very conscious that every night out I tweeted through, he was essentially there. I was getting over a rough break up and was quite well behaved for my youth but I definitely thought twice about what I posted (but not what I did unfortunately).

Was it an instant attraction IRL or a slow burner?

Andrew: She was and still is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met

Katie: It was instant and it kind of went from 0 – 100mph very quickly, we both still lived at home so meet the parents happened very early on (very, very early on for Andrew and my dad but that’s a whole other story)


Do you ever get jealous now if you see your partner tweeting other boys / girls (delete as appropriate!)?

Andrew: Nope. Unless Shawn Mendes starts to appreciate her stalking. Then I’m pretty much done for.

Katie: I used to, I’d do a bit of Twitter stalking – but to be honest I think most of our conversations now are about how much of a turd the baby is being and finding consolation in other parents and their turdy kids.

This may be the wrong moment to say this, but I really think ‘turd’ is just an under-used word so many thanks for bringing it back into my vernacular.

Now – is there any competitiveness between you guys in terms of the #numbers?

Andrew: No – I think I’m winning though which is the main thing.

Katie: Erm no, because he’s always had more than me, dammit!


Have you ever asked your partner to RT one of your tweets if you feel like it’s killer content but just not getting the love?!

Andrew: Haha! No, but I probably ask her to tag me in stuff every now and then to feel like I have friends.

Katie: No I don’t think so, though I would have voluntarily retweeted about single launches and gigs when his band was together.

Has your partner ever posted something about you (pics or content!) that you weren’t happy about?!

Andrew: I think we probably both have but that’s due to knowing something may be taken a different way online, thanks to our sarcastic ways.

Katie: I can’t remember him doing it to me but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t. I know I’ve posted pics of him asleep etc. when I thought I was being funny but was just being a bit of a dick, oops.

Do you ever get annoyed if your partner is ON TWITTER when you’re hanging out together?

Andrew: No. Unless I notice her typing ‘Out with this right loser tonight’ etc… then I may have words.

Katie: only if we’re actually eating

That seems fair…

What’s your favourite quality in your partner?

Andrew: I feel like she’s truly herself when we’re together. That’s a pretty special feeling.

Katie: I love so much about Andrew but (I’m sorry, this is so corny) seeing him as a dad made me fall in love with him all over again. Must go and vom now, many apologies.

Oh my god, guys, I’m basically crying this is SO LOVELY! And what’s the status of your relationship right now?

Andrew: We’re married and are the proud parents to a manic child.

Katie: We’re married with a 20 month old daughter, Emmy. We had a really tough time during my pregnancy with Emmy and her birth. It was pretty hard going at times but we’re back on track now and it’s nice to feel like we’re back to being ourselves.

Finally – if you could give me one piece of advice on how to meet a new love via Twitter, what would it be?!

Katie: I think from the very beginning what I found so good about being with Andrew was how I could be completely myself, even online being an idiot and quoting Bottom or fan-girling over McFly. So be yourself, which is such a cliche, sorry. Also I massively overshared, like everything! So go for that, what’s the worst that can happen?

Andrew: Just be yourself, although make sure you’re being the really funny part of yourself, and also have a flattering profile picture.

Hahaha. ROGER THAT *changes profile picture*.

Thanks so much for being a part of my blog and sharing some love today Katie and Andrew! A truly lovely story ❤

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