The Love Series – Part 6: Love at First Tweet

Hello! So… My Love Series was MEANT to only last for February  – with my big plans to celebrate our pal St Valentines – but, I’ve had an extremely full on life these past few weeks both personally and professionally, so I hope you’ll forgive me lapsing into March (ps. HOW THE HELL IS IT BLOODY MARCH ALREADY?!?!) 

Anyway, because it’s a certified Crown Pleaser, I have decided to revisit a theme I have covered many a time before – finding love on Twitter. This time, I speak to Lisa (@mswoowar) and James (@MrJJBowie) and their lovely story warms the cockles an absolute treat! 

Over to the happy couple …


So… who made the first tweet move?

James – That would be me!

Lisa – I truly don’t remember, although I do know it was James who suggested meeting up.

What were your thoughts on each other – did you fancy their online personas?

James – Absolutely

Lisa –  When I first used to chat with him his picture was just of his beard :-). It was just easy to get on with him, and I wasn’t thinking about whether I fancied him or not, but I did have a vague feeling that he was going to be significant in my life somehow.

OMG I LOVE those vague feelings. What circumstances did you first meet in real life?

Lisa – There was a group of us that chatted about running on Twitter: James, Nic and Owen. James knew Nic, Nic knew Owen, and I knew none of them IRL. Nic knew one of my friends in real life though, so I met up with him at a local parkrun. That was great, so we then all decided to meet up at a local pub.

Eeeep!! How exciting! Did you feel paranoid about your tweets after that first interaction? 

James – Not really – I was in an odd place emotionally (separating from wife) and I was being very honest/open.

Lisa – No because it wasn’t a meet up in that context – it was just meeting up with Twitter friends in real life. There was no pressure in that sense.

That’s great! So, was it an instant attraction IRL or a slow burner?

James – So instant. Much instant. Wow.

Lisa – Slow burner. After that we would all meet up regularly to run races and/or go to the pub. James and I were both in relationships when we met so it wasn’t about that. But he was always very sweet and caring, and one night at the pub I suddenly realised I saw him in a different light. My relationship ended, and then a few months later so did his, and it was whilst I was helping him to find somewhere to rent that we things changed 🙂

Ha… I kind of love the difference in how you guys saw this! What about now, do you ever get jealous now if you see your partner tweeting other boys / girls (delete as appropriate!)

James – Somewhat. I know there are guys on there who fancy her – she doesn’t see it, but IT’S SO BLOODY OBVIOUS! However, we’ve both had quite destructive relationships in the past – so we know where we stand.

Lisa – Sometimes! Because we became close by chatting through twitter, it can sometimes be hard to not wonder if the same is happening when he chats with other girls. But I love that we’re both on twitter and he makes me laugh.

Is there any competitiveness between you guys in terms of the #numbers?

James – She had more, but it’s quality not quantity 😉

Lisa – No, because I win

Have you ever asked your partner to RT one of your tweets if you feel like it’s killer content but just not getting the love?!

James – No, but I’ve RT’d a few of her side-business tweets to help it along hopefully

Lisa – Not for my personal account, but I run a business and he’s always brilliant at retweeting stuff from my business account.

Has your partner ever posted something about you (pics or content!) that you weren’t happy about?!

James – Yep. I don’t photograph well

Lisa –  I’m sure there’s been the odd photo where I’ve thought I look like a whale, but not really.

If it helps, I think all of your photos are delightful! Now, do you ever get annoyed if your partner is ON TWITTER when you’re hanging out together?

James – No I love twitter – it’s how we met. Although I’m surprised if when I show her something she hasn’t already seen it!

Lisa – Ha no, we’re both on twitter all the time and generally are showing each other things we like on it when we’re together. Although he gets annoyed if I say I’ve already seen it :D.

What’s your favourite quality in your partner?

James – Lisa is so caring & loving

Lisa – He is ridiculously kind. Ridiculously. He would do anything for anyone and looks after me so much.

Ahhh – so lovely! What’s the status of your relationship right now (DEEP question, sorry!!)

James – So I was in the process of leaving my wife but not looking for a relationship, I rented a flat near Lisa (she found it for me!), and I think I stayed in it 3 nights! We officially started living together this Feb, and have since moved into another flat and about to move again (bloody landlords). My kids stay every week with us & we’ve planned Disney next summer with them. The kids adore Lisa.

Lisa – We moved in together earlier this year, and his kids stay every weekend. We’ve booked a holiday to Disney for them so, yeah, we’re committed!

Finally, if you could give me one piece of advice on how to meet a new love via Twitter, what would it be?!

James – Don’t like every tweet! Misinterpreting online media is all too easy

Lisa – Just have lots of conversations with people who tweet about what you like – respond to them, interact with them. Tweet ups are great too – I have made so many friends from twitter, I have gone on holiday with Twitter friends! And who knows, one might become your new love 🙂

Great advice James – I get so creeped out by guys who do that! There’s definitely a perfect balance I think (says the single one with absolutely no clue…!) Anyway, thank you SO much for getting involved, lovelies! And thank you for reading

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